These little watches cold knowledge you know?

Watch, for some people, is the timing tool; for some people, is loaded tool; for some people, is the art, for some people, is like ... swiss replica watches On different people have different meanings, but does not prevent us to understand it, into the "table" door like the sea, today's constant precision · rolex replica watches · Shanxi after-sales service center give you about the cold knowledge of the watch, understand these , Can make your loader index soared. One, geese neck fine-tuning Gooseneck fine-tuning, Swan-neck, as the name suggests, its shape is like a swan's neck, mechanical watch in the gooseneck is divided into the whole gooseneck, semi-gooseneck, and double gooseneck. Goosenry fine-tuning is one of the characteristics of the German watch, which is the best of the two-necked gooseneck fine, and another Lange's goosen's fine-tuning is also very good. Gooseneck fine-tuning is to adjust the speed of the needle and the need to avoid the slow needle needle inevitably large deviation, its principle is to use the elasticity of the metal sheet to the speed needle, and then through a small screw fine tuning speed Offset the speed, good tune after the fast needle was firmly fixed live Second, the gold sleeve In the early days, the watch bearing is not a gemstone bearing, gear shaft, winding shaft, escapement axis are directly screwed into the movement of the splint hole, metal and metal wear between the serious. In order to solve this problem, watchmakers have invented the gemstone bearings, but because the gem processing process was not so good today, plus that time there are no man-made gemstones, precious stones bearing expensive, access to difficulties. In order to be more convenient to deal with gems and plywood mosaic between the problem, so the watchmakers in the gem and plywood hole in the middle of a circle of gold ring, and 2-3 screws fixed sleeve, called the gold sleeve ( Gold Chaton). Now, the gold sleeve is one of the characteristics of the eastern German watchmaking, but only the more precious mechanical watches will be used, for example, the picture above the Lange mechanical watch on the gold sleeve. Three, pearl Tuo Pearl Tuo, also known as Microtor or mini-rotor, that is, a kind of Tuo movement. It is small and exquisite, like a pearl-like fan-shaped attitude in the movement of the watch there. Pearl Tuo to solve the traditional automatic Tuo too heavy and block the movement area is too large, so that the watch becomes more slim, but also the movement is more perfect in the eyes of the world. However, due to the thin volume of pearl Tuo, by the hand swing or the impact of the heart is naturally smaller, the operating capacity will be relatively inferior, and now use the brand is not a lot of Pearl Tuo. Which is still more beloved Pearl Tuo watch brand has Chopard L.U.C, Earl, Patek Philippe and so on. In addition, due to the large dial of the streamline, long power watch popular, so that the heavy movement again resurgence, pearl Tuo watch turned into a small watch.